Chives! Final Day of the Zero Carb Trial! (Day 30)

Okay, so I cheated a little.  I said I’d go 30 full days without any plants or anything from a plant.  But towards the end, it became increasingly clear that there weren’t going to be any more benefits as far as improving my previous symptoms through a Zero Carb diet.  Since some Zero Carbers use herbs anyways, I figured I might as well give it a try and add some flavor back into some of my meals!  And the oniony taste of the chives was a pleasant addition to the meat.

Now, full disclosure, I spent the last night of this trial miserable in bed feeling queasy again, unable to sleep.  So perhaps chives and herbs are horrible plants hellbent on the destruction of stomachs!  But I doubt it.  I had the chives for lunch and felt fine the entire day, so that’s unlikely.  Furthermore, the symptoms all matched my previous events with having eaten too much fat.  Thus, I suspect that’s the actual culprit.

And I find that both sad and distressing.  Even after 30 days, I still cannot gauge how much fat to eat.  I desperately need the calories from the fat (I’ve lost a ton of weight, which I’ll talk about in a later post), but I am unable to handle it.  And the penalty from eating too much fat is too severe:  whole nights of wanting to vomit and feeling miserable.

I also don’t know what the exact problem is.  I always feel completely fine until after dinner, so I’ve been blaming my dinner meals.  However, maybe it’s total fat consumed in a day?  Maybe my limit is 100 g of fat a day and then any extra leads to queasiness?  Or perhaps it is indeed too much in one sitting, which would point to the dinners?  Yet at lunch I’m able to handle around 60 g of fat at once without issue.  Maybe it’s the type of fat?  Or eggs are miraculous queasiness suppressors and I should eat them for dinner, too?  I don’t know.

This final dinner was leftover braised chuck steak.  Since it really wasn’t that much meat, I ate 2 strips of sliced side pork later on.  So maybe it was that or maybe it was something else.  But I feel no closer to having answers.

I’ll write up my final thoughts on this experiment and this diet in some coming posts.  I’ve loved the elimination of some of my awful symptoms from before.  However, I’ve hated some of the new ones.  Thus, I don’t believe Zero Carb is for me, and I’ll need to move on to something else.

Meals Eaten:
Day 30
Standard breakfast and lunch (plus chives!).
D- Leftover braised chuck steak.  2 strips of sliced side pork.


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