Broth from Braising Better than Butter Water (Day 29)

Since braising involves cooking these tough cuts of meat in water, there’s some broth that remains afterwords which contains some fat.  Thus, it’s similar to the “warm butter water” concept I tried earlier, only this broth both smells and tastes better.  It’s still not the greatest tasting drink in the world, but I’d certainly prefer it to the butter concoction.

Unfortunately, though, I ran into problems once again with feeling sick from too much fat.  I braised a chuck steak that was quite large.  However, I recognized this and intentionally did not eat the whole steak, especially since I was also eating consuming it with butter.  I also drank the broth as I ate the meal.  While eating, I felt this strange, heavy feeling of tiredness, particularly in my eyes.  But after dinner, I felt pretty good, so I didn’t think much of it.

Well, I think I misgauged how much fat ended up in the broth.  I had another awful night of sleep where I felt like throwing up for hours.  No matter what position I tried to sleep in, my stomach just churned and churned.  Ugh…

Ultimately, I believe drinking the broth is a valid option.  But I suspect it’s better to do so as a snack or far removed from a meal.  All at once is just too much fat, at least for me.

Meals Eaten:
Day 29
Standard breakfast and lunch.
D- Braised chuck steak, butter.  Also drank the broth.


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