Dreading Dinners (Days 21 through 26)

Looking over my food diary notes, nothing all that new or interesting happened in this set of days.  My biggest takeaway was that I’ve absolutely been dreading dinners.  I just do not look forward to them at all.  I quite enjoy the meals I have for breakfast and lunch.  But dinner…  Ugh, they’ve just been so awful.

My favorite dinners have been the swai fish fillets.  I’ve cooked those in butter and also in leftover pork grease (from the sliced side pork).  But every time I’ve tried to eat some type of steak instead, it’s simply been unenjoyable.  I’ve tried short ribs, chuck eye steak, country style chuck ribs, and unknown cuts.  I’ve tried them rare, medium, and well.  I’ve cooked them with butter and without.  I’ve even cooked them with eggs.  But the experience for me has pretty much been the same:  I don’t like eating them.

This, of course, bodes very poorly for a Zero Carb diet because beef is the staple.  While ground beef has been fantastic for me, almost all the steaks have been lousy.  They are hard to chew and eat, so it takes me forever to eat them.  This makes dinners long and tedious, eventually resulting in a cold piece of steak that’s even harder to eat.  Plus, I eventually run into very tough gristle that just does not break down.  No fun.

Much of the Zero Carb cooking advice that I skimmed through online is like:  “Heat pan.  Sear steak on both sides for a little bit.  Done!  Eat.”  And that’s been absolutely terrible advice.  Why?

Because I’ve since learned that it REALLY depends on the meat.


So if you’re clueless like me and have never really cooked steak before, it very much pays to first look up different cuts of meat AND different cooking methods for those cuts of meat.  That might just be the way to make both the meat and the Zero Carb diet itself more palatable.  Oops.  More on that next week!

Meals Eaten:
Breakfast and lunch have become set meals for me, and I really enjoy them.  I’ve been eating them every day without problems.  Here are those meals and their stats:

3 fried eggs in 1 tbsp butter (salt)
320 calories, 26 g of fat, 18 g of protein

6.5 oz of 80/20 ground beef, 2 scrambled eggs to soak up the lost fat, and 1 oz of Monterey Jack cheese
619 calories, 56 g of fat, 52 g of protein

Thus, my mid-day total stats are:
939 calories, 82 g of fat, 70 g of protein

Unfortunately, for my body size and type, I need around 1600 calories (if I were to lead a completely sedentary lifestyle).  But I know that my dinners are not 700 calories.  The steaks have been too much of a pain to eat, so I don’t eat that much of them.  There also appears to be no good way to calculate the stats for these meals.  The cuts all vary quite a bit with how much fat is on them.  Thus, I haven’t bothered to track their values.  But here are the dinners for this time frame:

Day 21 – Chuck eye steak in pork grease.  Lot of food but not that tasty.
Day 22 –
3 oz of country style chuck ribs in pork grease.  Okay.
Day 23 –
3 oz of reheated country style chuck ribs.  Incredibly tough and chewy.  Horrible.  Later, 2 strips of sliced side pork.
Day 24 –
2 strips of sliced side pork and 1 swai fish fillet cooked in the leftover pork grease.  Tastes good, but feels like I’m drowning in fat.  So, so fatty.
Day 25 –
1 country style chuck rib.  This also felt incredibly fatty.  Motivated me to work out afterwords in hopes of preventing symptoms of feeling sick from too much fat.
Day 26 –
3 oz of chuck rib and 2 eggs.  The eggs made it taste WAY better.  But the steak was still awful and chewy.



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