Cheese and Cheesy Research (Days 15 and 16)

Cheese seemed like it would be an easy way to add in more fat calories (and calories in general) to some of my meals.  Thus, I spent a long time researching various cheeses and the amount of carbs contained in each.  While it was insightful research, it was ultimately useless research.  Why?  Because after I finished, I discovered that someone else had already compiled a very thorough list of the carb content of cheeses.  So, if you also would like to avoid looking up tons of cheeses, go there first!

Let me also highlight something I discovered in case you want to be as extreme as me and attempt to avoid all plants and anything from plants while on a Zero Carb diet.  Although cheddar cheese is on the list of very low carb cheeses, its orange color unfortunately comes from annatto, which is a coloring agent derived from the seeds of a type of tree.  Now, again, I have no idea if it’s worth being this extreme or not during this trial, but that’s the goal I set for myself, so I’m sticking to it.

So what does that leave as far as the best options for cheeses?  Well, I personally was considering the following criteria:

  • Does the cheese have less than 0.5g of carbs per 1 oz?
  • Is it commonly available?  (That is, can I find it at a normal grocery store near me?)
  • Is it cheap?

Going through all those questions, the big list of cheeses was reduced to 2 to try:  White Cheddar Cheese (which is NOT colored orange via annatto) and Monterey Jack (just pure Monterey Jack; not the type that is often mixed together with Colby).

I ultimately decided on the Monterey Jack (by a company called Joseph Farms).  It was the only brand whose package actually said “0g of carb for 1 oz” in the nutrition facts, thereby falling into my desired range of 0g to 0.5g.  And it is wonderful!  It’s great tasting and melts nicely into the scrambled egg / hamburger concoction I eat for lunch, giving it a little extra flavor.

Meals Eaten:
Day 15
B- Skipped.  Sorta hungry but just didn’t feel like it.
L- 6 oz of 80/20 hamburger, 2 eggs, and 0.75oz of awesome cheese
D- Leftover short rib meat, cooked in “sliced side pork” grease.  Also, 3 strips of that pork belly.

Total stats for the day:
No idea, since I’m not sure how to gauge what I had for dinner.  But given that I skipped breakfast, it’s safe to say that this day was too low in calories…

Day 16
B- 3 fried eggs, 1 tbsp butter (salt)
L- 6 oz of 80/20 hamburger, 2 eggs, and 0.75oz of awesome cheese
D- 7.75 oz of some unknown cut of steak.  Didn’t seem very fatty, so I cooked it in butter.

Total stats for the day:
Taking a bit of a guess on the stats for the dinner meal because of the unknown steak cut.
1385 cal, 102f, 115p
Fat cal to pro cal ratio:  918 to 460 = 66% to 34%


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