Cooking Reflection After Week 2

Delight of the Week
Swai fillet in butter – Perhaps it’s just because it was something new and different on this diet, but this meal was absolutely fantastic!  Swai is indeed an excellent fat absorber, so it functions perfectly as a butter delivery vehicle.  And I just really like the fish itself.  Swai has a mild taste and a light, flaky texture.  It’s also super simple to cook.  I just stick it in a pan with butter on the stove top on medium heat.  As it cooks, I flip the fish a couple of times to make sure it’s soaking up as much butter as possible.  If I stab it down the middle with the spatula/turner and it doesn’t easily split apart, then it hasn’t cooked enough.  If it does, then it’s pretty much done!  After splitting it into several small squarish pieces to increase the surface area for butter once more, it’s good to go!

Disappointment of the Week
Short ribs – Though sometimes tasty, as a whole, I’ve really struggled with these.  Part of it is my inability to gauge how much fat I can eat before feeling nauseous.  The other part, though, is that this just hasn’t been a very good cut of meat.  I’ve tried it close to rare and also up to medium.  I’ve tried it plain and also with butter.  But it’s just never appealing to me.  It’s often tough and chewy.  It takes forever to eat, causing dinner to drag on and on.  This then leaves me with cold short rib… which is even less appealing to finish.


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