Symptoms Reflection After Week 2

Bloating – Still gone!
Diarrhea – Still pretty much gone!  Happened one time, and I don’t know the reason.  But once in two weeks is a wonderful miracle compared to multiple times every day.
Skin rash – Continues to fade, and that is excellent!
No “kidney pain” – Whatever that discomfort was from the first week, I haven’t noticed it since.  So maybe that was just part of the keto adaptation phase?

Nauseousness from too much fat – Ugh, I hate this one.  Feels awful and makes for terrible sleep.  I really hope to prevent this in the future by better gauging how much fat I can handle in one sitting.  If I can’t, this is a huge negative.
Food nightmares – This one is… kind of funny?  Twice now I’ve had bizarre dreams where my garage is full of donuts or some other super carby food.  And though I fight and fight the urge, the nightmare always ends with me seemingly giving in to the desire.  Then I wake up all confused, wondering if I actually chowed down on a box of donuts and abandoned my Zero Carb experiment.
Mood – I don’t know that this is necessarily a negative, but the super positive mood from last week is more tempered now.  Thus, I think it was just initial excitement.  Still get down sometimes, still have reality to deal with.  No diet can cure that.
Weight loss – Yikes!  I’m still shedding weight and don’t need or want to be.  Though I’ve certainly averaged a higher number of calories per meal than last week, that number is still much lower than it should be.


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