Short Ribs Causing My Patience to Run Short (Day 14)

I wrote last week about how my body gives me lousy feedback signals for feeling full or hungry.  And for whatever reason, this is hugely the case when I eat short ribs.  My dinner meal on Day 14 prompted the now classic “Nope!  Full!  Couldn’t possibly eat another bite!” signal right after the first bite.  Given that I had been feeling hungry for much of the afternoon, this was just ludicrous.

So I continued to eat.  However, I remained fully aware of how easy it is for me to eat too much fat from these short ribs and feel ill.  And this was a particularly fatty piece!  Since I’m still unable to gauge where the appropriate stopping point is, I cut the meal quite short and… spent much of the night hungry.  Sigh.  But I’ll take that over feeling nauseous and wanting to throw up.

I’m wondering if it’s possible to survive on a Zero Carb diet with only ground beef?  I haven’t had any problems with that, and I’ve loved the taste.  Furthermore, I appreciate how easy it is to chew.  That makes the meal so much quicker to eat and in turn makes it much more enjoyable.  As for short ribs, it feels like a chore to eat them.  Not fun.

Meals Eaten:
Day 14
B- 3 fried eggs, butter (salt)
L- 6 oz of 80/20 hamburger, 2 eggs
D- 3/4 of a short rib, probably.  Really, really fatty, though.  Gonna guess somewhat on its stats.

Total stats for the day:
1216cal, 100f, 76p
Fat cal to pro cal ratio:  900 to 304 = 75% to 25%


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