Bacon!! Well, Not Exactly… But Still… Bacon!! (Day 13)

While shopping for fish at the grocery store, I was also curious about bacon.  I know some Zero Carbers eat bacon (and a lot of it!), but after looking at the list of ingredients on various packages, I opted to avoid it.  I don’t know if the preservatives or nitrates or whatever else gets added during the curing process matters on a Zero Carb diet (or even in general), but I’m trying to avoid as much of that as possible during this experiment.  I really just want the meat with nothing else added to it.

So I was a little bummed until something else caught my eye in a different section of the store:

“Sliced side pork”

Hmmm… Well…  It sure looks an awful lot like bacon!  But why is it suspiciously named as creatively as “lamb neck slices“?  That’s because it’s definitely not bacon.  However, it’s the same cut of meat that bacon comes from:  pork belly.  So it’s exactly what I was looking for:  just the meat!

Now, to warn anyone who goes out wanting to try this, “sliced side pork” is NOT bacon and does NOT taste like bacon.  Even though it’s the same cut of meat, the taste is quite different since pork belly goes through a lot more to actually become bacon.  Pork belly on its own–if you’re familiar with Korean food–is Samgyeopsal.  I think it tastes good, but it’s very different from bacon.

So I’m excited to have a little variety!  Pork “sort of bacon” and fish are now options on the menu, and this diet is feeling a little more doable.

Meals Eaten:
Day 13
B- 3 fried eggs, 1 tbsp butter (salt)
L- 6 oz of 80/20 hamburger, 2 eggs
D- Swai fish in 1 tbsp butter (salt) and 1 sliced side pork strip.  The swai fish was wonderful.  I think I overcooked the pork belly, but it still tasted okay.  If I cook it less in the future, I bet it’ll be much better.

Total stats for the day:
1214 cal, 92f, 99p
Fat cal to pro cal ratio:  828 to 396 = 68% to 32%


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