Can’t Be the Histamines! (Days 9 and 10)

I took a guess before starting this diet that my symptoms and problems were simply due to carbs and/or plants.  However, another possibility I read about was histamine intolerance.  Since a lot of the food I was eating prior to this diet was also quite high in histamines (or were “histamine releasors”), there was some plausibility to this.  Fortunately, going Zero Carb appeared to be a way to handle this scenario as well.  If I stuck to land meat and avoided certain fish or shellfish, it didn’t seem like histamines would be a factor.

Except… apparently eggs are also on the list of things to watch out for that are histamine-related!  Oops!  Well, if that’s true, then with as many eggs as I’ve been eating, I imagine I should’ve had some kind of awful reaction by now.  Furthermore, the freshness of meat is apparently also an issue.  But since I’ve been raiding the “Manager’s Special:  About to Expire!  30% Off!” meat section of the grocery store without ill effects, I believe it’s safe to say histamines aren’t a concern for me personally.

If you’re interested, here are the sites and articles I found while looking into histamines and histamine intolerance.  Unfortunately, the food lists do not always line up and agree with each other.  But they may still give you a starting point when looking into this:

Anyways, not having to worry about histamines is quite exciting since it opens up the possibilities of eating certain fish (like shrimp, my favorite!) and cheeses!  There was some cod in the freezer, so I went ahead and ate that on Day 9.  I actually didn’t feel the greatest the next morning.  It felt like maybe I had too much stomach acid?  But I don’t know if that was due to the cod or something else.  The cod meal was pretty low in calories, so I might have just been super hungry.  I’m certainly willing to give fish a try again since I don’t know what the issue was.

I plan to do some more research on both fish and cheese to see what is best to include on this diet from a carb standpoint.

Meals Eaten:
Day 9
B- None.  (Woke up late)
L- 6 oz of 80/20 hamburger with 2 eggs mixed in
D- 6 oz cod fillet, 2 tbsp butter (salt), 2 eggs

Total stats for the day:
1030 cal, 77f, 80p
Fat cal to pro cal ratio:  693 to 320 = 68% to 32%

Day 10
B- 3 fried eggs, 1 tbsp butter (salt)
L- 6.5 oz of 80/20 hamburger, 2 eggs
D- 4 oz of short rib (actual measured weight of the eaten meat.  Very hard to accurately gauge fat content, though.)

Total stats for the day:
1415 cal, 118f, 84p
Fat cal to pro cal ratio:  1062 to 336 = 75% to 25%

**What’s up with the Google calorie database thing?  The total calories seem to be quite off from the amount of fat and protein grams…


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