Cooking Reflection After Week 1

At the end of each week, I thought I’d also share which foods and cooking methods I’ve particularly enjoyed, which I haven’t, and also any useful tips I’ve picked up.  Hopefully you can avoid some of my mistakes if you ever experiment with this diet as well!

Delight of the Week
Fried Eggs in Butter (Salt) – This has been my absolute favorite so far.  I look forward to breakfast because of this meal and haven’t gotten tired of it yet.  The flavor is great, plus it’s fun to experiment with how long you cook the eggs for.  Quick, easy, and tasty!
A note on eggs – Eggs are an excellent fat absorber.  Whether butter or hamburger grease, cracking an egg into the pan does a great job soaking up any excess.  If you’re like me and have trouble getting enough fat, adding an egg or two to a meal could be an excellent way to prevent fat from being left on the stove.
A note on butter – Again, I don’t know how these true hardcore Zero Carbers are able to eat multiple pounds of only steak or whatever to get all their calories.  That’s not possible for me, so butter is pretty much an essential.  I find it to be quite flavorful, and it’s a cheap, simple way to increase the amount of fat in meals.

Disappointment of the Week
Lamb Neck Slices – I mean, the name alone makes it sound so appealing, right?  I picked this up at the grocery store because it was super cheap and because I was curious how lamb tasted.  And… for testing out lamb for the first time, I suppose it served its purpose.  I can’t say I’m a fan of the taste of lamb and especially not this particular cut.  I found it to be a pain to eat since it’s so bony, which makes it hard to cut and get to the meat.  Thus, if you want to try lamb for the first time, it might be worth spending a couple more bucks to get a better piece.  Or you should actually go in with more of a plan for these lamb neck slices than just “heat in pan with butter on stove.”  Hahaha, it’s probably much better braised or stewed.


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