Insatiable Satiety? Unhungry Hunger? (Days 7 and 8)

Hungry?  Full?  Hungry?  Full?  In the past on a more standard American diet, I would usually check in with my stomach for the answers to those questions.  However, on a Zero Carb diet, as far as I can tell, the stomach no longer has anything relevant to say.  Instead, hunger signals come from the head, usually in the form of lightheadedness.  And satiety signals come from… Well, I haven’t figured that out yet.

For several dinners now, the very first bite I take is immediately met with this very strong feeling that I couldn’t possibly eat another bite.  And I’m not sure what causes that.  The taste of fat?  The taste of food in general?  All I know is that it’s very strange and makes no sense to me.  If I were to listen to this signal, stop eating, and skip dinner, then I’d close out the day under 1000 calories, clearly an unsustainable amount.  Thus, I’ve learned to ignore this “full” signal and keep eating, typically to no detriment… except when I consume too much fat.  Then, several hours later, I feel very nauseous as my stomach churns with a strong desire to throw up.

Why do I think this is a reaction to the fat and not something else?  Well, 10 years ago when I was experimenting with eliminating foods and trying something close to Zero Carb, I knew I needed to get more calories from fat.  So I got the bright idea to take my leftover bacon grease from breakfast, pour it into a glass of water, and drink it all down.  This resulted in the same exact reaction (with the bonus of actually throwing up!).  Moral of the story:  I need the right amount of fat.  Too little and it’s not enough calories.  Too much and it’s like poison.

But what is the “right” amount of fat?  What is the appropriate amount in one sitting?  What’s the limit before stomach queasiness?  Unfortunately, I don’t know, and my body doesn’t inform me until many hours later that I gauged incorrectly, which isn’t very helpful.  Thus, all I can do for now is track my reactions to these meals and use them to establish a baseline to help me gauge when I’m full… or getting close to a night of feeling sick.

Meals Eaten:
Day 7
Breakfast – 3 fried eggs, butter (salt).
Lunch – 3 oz of 80/20 hamburger cooked with 1 scrambled egg.  The egg made it taste much better!  Also had 2 reheated lamb neck slices.
Dinner – 5 oz short rib (but that weight includes the bone) that was quite fatty and 1 fried egg cooked in leftover rib grease.

Total stats for the day:  (But the lamb and short rib stats are a bit of a guess.  This is likely an underestimate.)
1146 cal, 96f, 68p
Fat calories to protein calories ratio:  864 to 272 = 75% to 25%

Day 8
Breakfast – None since felt so ill last night.  Yet obviously need the calories.  Sigh…
Lunch – 6 oz of 80/20 hamburger in 2 scrambled eggs.
Snack – 1 hardboiled egg.
Dinner – A smaller and less fatty (thankfully!) short rib.

Total stats for the day:  (Again, short rib stats are a big guess; likely an underestimate.)
909 cal, 73f, 60p
Fat calories to protein calories ratio:  657 to 240 = 73% to 27%


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