The Cold and Endless Half-Pound Burger (Day 5)

Doesn’t that sound like it would make for a great Dr. Seuss book?

The cold, strange burger, hard to chew…
The more I ate, the more it grew!

Maybe not.  Anyways, on the continuing quest for more calories, I decided it would be a good idea to increase the size of my hamburger to 8 oz.  Not a good idea.  I fried it all up at once in a pan.  The first 4 ounces by spoon were okay.  The rest were not.  This was just too much food for me to eat quickly, so the remainder became very cold and very chewy.  The final 2 ounces took me probably an hour to finish.  It’s not that I was full and trying to force down too much food; rather, I was just so tired of eating it.

If I have to do this again in the future, I’ll need to split the meal into smaller pieces:  cook half, eat that, then cook the other half and eat that.  That would at least make it warm and more palatable.  But I’d really love a better way to get more calories than just increasing portion size.  This has certainly been motivation to look into cheese or something else!

Meals Eaten:
Day 5
– 3 fried eggs in 1.5 tbsp butter (salt).  Fun!  Experimented with different types of fried eggs.  “Over easy” = not so good on this diet since nothing to soak up the yolk.  But “over medium” and “over hard” = quite tasty and good.
Lunch – 8 oz 80/20 hamburger.
Dinner – 5.5 oz sirloin steak in butter (salt).

Total stats for the day:
1427 calories, 112g fat, 100g protein
Fat calories to protein calories ratio:  1008 to 400 = 72% to 28%


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