Even Baby Lambs Go Number 2 (Day 6)

For whatever reason, the topic of bowel movements seems to be on the mind of a lot of Zero Carb inquirers.  “How?!”  “When?!”  “…Do you?!”  Perhaps this fascination stems from all the preaching over the years about how fiber is essential for this bodily function.  Or maybe people only discover Zero Carb while web searching during a bathroom break.  I don’t know.

For me, it’s something I never even thought about when I was researching this diet (outside of the belief that many of my digestive issues would be solved).  But then I stumbled across several different people who answered the above questions with:  “Quite easily.”  “Infrequently: maybe once every few days or even once a week.”  “Yes.”

And I concur!  It first happened for me on the sixth day of this diet.  As someone who has spent a large portion of his life chained to the toilet or unwilling to venture far from access to a restroom after a meal, this is a most welcome change.

So what does this have to do with baby lambs?  Well, this sixth day was also the first time I ever tried lamb before!  Lamb is… odd.  It tastes like… fibrous dark meat chicken?  …Maybe?  I can’t say it was my favorite.  I can eat it, but it’s not something I’d want with any frequency.  Though, to be fair to lamb in general, the cut I had was “lamb neck slices,” which I’m guessing is not the best.  But it was super cheap, so it was a way to give lamb a try.

Meals Eaten:
Day 6
Breakfast – 4 fried eggs in 2 tbsp butter (salt).  Excellent.  I’m loving eggs.
Lunch – 6 oz of 80/20 hamburger, split into two smaller, separately cooked 3 oz burgers, eaten with a spoon.  Way better, but still too bland for me.
Dinner – .81 lbs of lamb neck slices.

Total stats for the day:
Unknown.  The lamb neck slices were really bony, so I’m not sure how much meat I really ate.  Wasn’t able to eat them all either.
912 cal, 56f, 54p + the lamb stats.


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