Gotta Eat More Fat: Hamburger with a Spoon! (Days 3 and 4)

The first time I tried an elimination diet 10 years ago, I remember having such little energy and feeling lightheaded all the time.  What I didn’t understand back then was that those symptoms were because I wasn’t eating enough.  Thus, experiencing those symptoms again now, I knew I needed to track and pay attention to the amount I was actually consuming.  Answer?  An average of 1,000 calories a day.  Yikes!  Yeah, that’s way too low!

So why hamburger with a spoon?  Because when you fry up the burger, those super important fat calories melt away into the pan!  But you can’t let that caloric gold go to waste, so you drizzle the grease over the burger on your plate and slurp it up with a spoon!  And though the juicy (or… soggy?) burger tastes good this way, yes, it is a very bizarre experience.  I never imagined eating a burger this way before… and certainly not with a spoon.  A spork perhaps, but never a spoon.

Meals Eaten:  (Note:  stats calculated from Google’s food database, which references USDA)
Day 3
– None.  Wasn’t hungry so didn’t force it.
Lunch – 5 oz of plain ol’ 80/20 hamburger again, but it tasted better today!
Snack – 1 hardboiled egg.  The blandness continues!  (Apparently these were only tasty in the past when in salads covered with tons of ranch dressing…)
Dinner – 6 oz medium-rare steak cooked in 0.5 tbsp butter (salted).  Tasted good, but stomach felt a little queasy tonight.

Total stats for the day:
943 calories, 72g fat, 73g protein
Fat calories to protein calories ratio:  648 to 292 = 69% to 31%

Day 4
Breakfast – 2 fried eggs in 1 tbsp butter (salted).  This tasted absolutely amazing.
Lunch – 5 oz of 80/20 hamburger… eaten with a spoon!  Lap that fat up!
Dinner – 6oz chuck steak, cooked in some extra hamburger grease.  This was awful.  Chewy, hard to eat, became cold, forced it down, dreamed of pizza, and seriously questioned this diet.

Total stats for the day:
1131 calories, 89g fat, 80g protein
Fat calories to protein calories ratio:  801 to 320 = 71% to 29%


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