The Keto Flu (Days 1 and 2)

I forced my body straight into Zero Carb without any warning, so I guess it’s only fair that it threw back a punch.  The first night, at 3 AM, I woke up wide awake wanting to throw up.  I then alternated between having freezing cold legs and feeling like I was burning up.  I was super thirsty, super weak, and found it hard to stand.  Plus, I had a rapid heartbeat that I could hear pounding in my head.

The second day, I didn’t think I felt too bad, but then I napped.  Now that might not sound unusual, but I’ve fallen asleep during the day maybe 4 times in my entire life, typically when I had a very high fever.  So I’m guessing my body felt rather taxed.  But after waking up, I actually felt pretty good, so I believe the worst is over!

The only thing else I can add to describe my induction is:  it feels just like fasting… except you’re eating.  A very strange feeling.

Meals Eaten:
Day 1
– None.
Lunch – Some type of steak.
Dinner – Some type of steak.

Day 2
Breakfast – Hamburger.  Didn’t taste very good just by itself…  Forced it down.
Lunch – Half of some type of steak.  Overcooked, hard to eat.
Dinner – Other half of steak, cooked in salted butter.  That was awesome, tasted delicious!


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