Zero Carb Experiment Rules

I have no idea if my health issues are due to histamines or salicylates or carbs or something else.  Thus, I plan to eliminate just about every type of food and see what happens.  Initially, I’ll aim to eat only beef and drink only water.  Then I’ll slowly work in more variety but still within the confines of “meat only”:  lamb, pork, fish, chicken, eggs, butter, etc.  (Hahahaha, is there even an et cetera for that list?)  I will not eat or drink anything that comes from a plant, including herbs and spices.

Certain types of meats do have some carbs in them (for example, eggs have around .5 carbs).  From what I can tell, I guess most Zero Carbers don’t care about these carbs from meat.  However, I plan to stay under 5g of carbs per day from meat sources just in case.

I’ll eat this way for at least 30 days and then reassess.  I’ll be keeping a food diary to track what I eat and how much, along with any relevant notes or interesting discoveries.


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