Why This Blog?

There are sites out there (such as the excellent ZeroCarbZen) that share the experiences of many different people and discuss how to approach this diet.  However, this way of eating appears to be rather individual.  How one person does it may not exactly work for another.  The basic principle (“Eat meat.  Drink water.”) still applies, but the details are more complicated.  Thus, I’m sharing my own experience in case it helps someone in a similar situation.

For example, reading through a lot of people’s stories (even those of a similar weight/height/lifestyle as me), I learned they eat a ton of meat.  And I honestly don’t know how.  We’re talking around 2 or 3 pounds of meat a day on average.  To me, that sounds astronomical.  Maybe I just have a small stomach.  I’m currently 3 weeks into this diet, and I eat maybe a little over 1 pound a day if I can include eggs.  Without eggs, maybe 12 ounces total of beef/pork/fish/whatever.  Even getting to that amount is a struggle for me, but I know I need to in order to avoid a huge calorie deficit.

Furthermore, it seems like many people can adopt a “Eat meat.  Drink water.  Don’t worry.  Just listen to your body” approach to this diet.  And if that works for them, that’s awesome!  For me, that is terrible.  I’ve found that my body offers no useful signals.  If I listened to it to determine my hunger, I’d eat around 800 calories a day and wither away.   So I have to track what I eat and set goals.  My body also doesn’t let me know if I’ve eaten too much fat until hours later when it informs me “hey, man, now would be a good time to throw up!”  Oh, sweet, thanks, body!  That’s super helpful!  So I have to track what I eat and set goals.

So, I’ll share what I learn on this journey, what works for me, and what might hopefully be helpful or of interest to you.


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