Why Eat a Zero Carb / Carnivore Diet?

Just some background.  I’m a 30-year-old male.  5′ 7″.  Weigh probably 133 lbs at the start of this trial.

I’m doing this solely for health reasons.  10 years ago or so, I had a bunch of digestive health issues and did a brief stint (about a week) of Zero Carb as I eliminated everything from my diet to see what was causing the issues, gradually adding back in foods I used to eat over time.  And it worked!  Most of my symptoms disappeared or greatly lessened.  Fast forward 10 years later, and all the symptoms have returned (to a worse degree) along with new symptoms!  Yay!  Thus, this 30-day trial run of true Zero Carb is to see if I can eliminate those health issues once again.

Here are the health issues I suspect will be eliminated upon eating a Zero Carb diet:

  • Awful bloating.  After pretty much any and every meal, my gut distends to resemble a weather balloon.  I guess it wants to send back data on atmospheric pressure?  (Data confirms!  The extra pressure hurts or is at least very uncomfortable.)
  • Incessant diarrhea.  Don’t think this one needs a description!

And here is the new issue further spurring me on to try out this diet:

  • Skin rash.  It’s been appearing all over the place (arms, legs, waist) and not getting better.  I haven’t been able to identify it via web searching, but it sure seems like some kind of allergic reaction or inflammatory response.  I don’t really want to take some sort of antihistamine drug for it if it can be eliminated through diet instead.

Other possible improvements:

  • Back/neck pain.  I say this only because the last time I tried this diet, all my joints/ligaments became much more flexible.  Thus, here’s hoping it does the same to my spine!

Magical cures that certainly won’t happen, but, hey, might as well dream:

  • Get a normal, average person’s night’s sleep!
  • No more tinnitus!
  • Stop blowing my nose after every single meal!
  • And, heck, how about improved vision!  Doesn’t have to be x-ray!  But I wouldn’t mind ditching glasses.

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